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Salsa Dance Classes


It’s time to start feeling hot, hot, hot on the dance floor.

salsa dance classes (1).jpgLet’s be honest—we’ve all heard of the spicy salsa dance. But the question is… How much do you really know about it? If you’ve toyed with the idea of trying this fun style, we’ve got all the info you need right here to get your salsa smarts up to par.

The History of the Salsa Dance

Claiming roots in the Caribbean, this popular dance is combination of early Cuban dances as well as Puerto Rican ones, creating a unique and fiery dance style all of its own. It was first called the “Salsa” dance in New York around the year 1970, and ever since then, dancers around the world have been moving their hips and dancing with strong emotion. The Salsa we know today is largely Afro-Latino.

Salsa Dance Styles

Salsa dance classes 1 (1).jpg

Like many dances, the Salsa has evolved over the years, and there are plenty of different variations of it developed by the communities who adopted it. There are the Cuban, Cali Colombia, Puerto Rican, Los Angeles, and New York styles, which all have their own quirks and special techniques. LA and NY are the ballrooms styles of Salsa and can be found everywhere stateside. No matter what style of Salsa you’re grooving with, though, just know that the dance is categorized by three steps to four beats. So if you’re worried about remembering a long series of steps, the Salsa is the perfect dance for you—it’s basic yet impressive in any social setting.

You Should Take Salsa Dance Classes if you…

  • Are tired of feeling lost or awkward on the dance floor
  • Want to get offline to meet people
  • Consider yourself a novice dancer and want to have a well-known dance under your belt
  • Need to build your confidence


We could go on and on about the reasons people decide to take Salsa dance classes. But we want to know what your reason is. Check the schedule at your nearest studio, then sign up for your free first Salsa dance class at Arthur Murray to see how salsa moves you.