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Samba Dance Classes


All experience levels can learn this lively and carefree Brazilian dance at AMNJ!

samba dance classes 1 (1).jpgBounce into action with the Samba. This dance traditionally began as a solo dance in Brazil, but, like the solo style, the new,  ballroom partner version of the Samba also requires fast footwork to a quick beat. Sound up your alley? Read more about this joyous jig below.


History of the Samba

First coming onto the scene in Brazil in 1917, the Samba didn’t catch on in the country until about 1930. As it features fun footwork and an iconic “bounce” technique, this dance style is considered to be one of joy and celebration—the Samba is danced at the Carnival festival in Rio de Janeiro. You will even see people breaking out in this spontaneous dance in the streets of Rio. That’s how fun and festive it is!


What to Know About Dancing the Samba

If you want to take a Samba dance class, it’s good to go in with a little bit of knowledge about the techniques you’ll be learning. For example, the Samba is characterized by its “bounce,” which is the major action of the style. It is a rhythmic and gentle bounce felt throughout the knees, but the key is to make it look natural and carefree. Though it’s tough to master, the bounce is what makes this dance so special. With enough practice, anyone can get it right.

samba dance classes (1).jpgAdditional to the bounce, the Samba is generally a collection of footsteps in a “quick, quick, slow” rhythm. The steps—Voltas, Bota Fogos, Kick Change, Samba Side Steps, and Samba Strut—are accompanied by one big climax in the dance where the dancers throw their heads back and extend their arms to the sides. Sounds like a blast, doesn’t it?


You Should Take Samba Dance Classes if you…

  • Like faster dance movements—the music is about 100 beats per minute

  • Have a celebration coming up

  • Are not afraid of using your knees a lot

  • Consider yourself to be spontaneous


Don’t wait any longer to give this dance a try. See the schedule at your local studio to figure out when you can catch a free first Samba dance class.