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Swing Dance Classes


Experience the Big Band culture that took America by storm in the 1920s and ‘30s!

 swing dance classes 2 (1).jpgSwing dancing is a large part of America’s dance history, and, luckily for you, we teach this iconic style at AMNJ. Before you get started with your first free Swing dance class, here’s a little more information about Swing dancing…


Swing Dance History

In the late 1920’s, a new style of jazz music swept Harlem, New York, and the city was taken by these fresh tunes. The result was a new dance to match the sound—something called the Lindy Hop that combined elements of the Charleston, the Foxtrot, and other popular dances of that era. The playful term Lindy Hop was supposedly rooted in pilot Charles Lindbergh’s famous “hop” across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927. It was an exciting time in America.

Created to match the fast Big Band music of the times, the Lindy Hop was quick and intricate. However, it evolved with the music over the years, taking on new names like the Jitterbug and Jive. We know it as Swing today as it encompasses many of these past versions of the dance.


What’s Swing Dancing Like?

As the name suggests, Swing dancing gives you the feeling that you’re “swinging” around with your partner. Set to the Swing style of jazz, this dance is energetic with wide, sweeping movements and fun lifts. You might feel like you’re in the movie Grease—which is a definite plus in our book!

swing dance classes 1 (1).jpgWith all the footwork and quick movements, you’re sure to feel fitter and more alert as you continue your lessons. Swing dancing helps you become more comfortable with your body on the dance floor and keep your brain sharp while giving you a reason to get on your feet.


You Should Take Swing Dance Classes if you…

  • Are any age—whether you’re a teen or 70-years-old, Swing dancing is a style anyone can master.

  • Want to be a part of new history in the making

  • Would like to lose a little weight as well as improve your posture and balance

  • Are looking to meet new friends or singles


The best part about Swing dancing is that anyone can do it. No matter your age or experience level, you can learn how to Swing dance. Find your local Arthur Murray and bring those self-proclaimed “two left feet” of yours to the studio for a free swing dance class.