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Tango Dance Classes


The saying is true: It does take two to tango!

tango dance classes (1).jpgYou may have heard of the tango, but do you really know what the Tango is? The Tango is just one of the many dances we teach, and it’s a favorite among students for a variety of reasons. Not only is it wildly popular in present-day, but it’s got a storied South American past worth knowing.


The History of the Tango

Spanish settlers were the very first people to introduce Tango to the New World, and the ballroom-style of Tango we teach today began in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Much like jazz’s origins, Tango was a working class dance. Soon enough, though, the interest and love for this dance style spread like wildfire throughout Europe in the 1900’s and made its way to the United States. The Tango started as a dance for women, but it developed into a couples dance once it spread beyond Buenos Aires. New York caught on to it 1910, and, needless to say, the rest was history.


Tango Styles

tango dance classes 1 (1).jpgA sensual couples dance, the Tango generally depicts romantic elements through synchronized movements. However, there are quite a few different Tango styles. For example, the original Argentine Tango is known to be much more intimate than the Modern Tango. Ballroom Tango is usually distinguished by its dramatic head snaps, and the main two ways you’ll see the tango in action are either with the couple closely embraced (connected at the hip or chest), or in an open embrace. Even when the couple is closely embraced, it is a comfortable situation, not stiff. It looks natural and romantic. 

We teach the Argentine Tango, and this dance is all about the connection: the connection between you and your partner, the connection between the two of you and the music, and the connection between the two of you and the audience.


You should take tango dance classes if you…

  • Want to reconnect and heat things up with your spouse or partner

  • Love learning new things—tango is full of infinite choreography possibilities, giving you an endless appetite for the dance

  • Enjoy getting physical and expressing emotion

  • Want to feel a part of something bigger than yourself


If you’re ready to get your tango on, check our schedule at your local Arthur Murray to try tango dance classes today, or sign up for a free lesson to get started. You know you want to.